What digital Imaging can do!

Besides the standard capture of artwork for giclee reproductions,  Jetart Company has completed numerous special projects for Powers Gallery, (and other galleries & framing shops).  Using the reproductions, these shops then beautifully frame the prints for the customer. 

These projects include:

Photography and reproduction of antique lithographs:

Old newspapers - scanned and enlarged reproductions printed for business decor:

Digital repair of damaged artwork, before and after, (paint on board):

Enlargement and toning of antique maps:

Original map of Nevis - original size: 7.5" X 10"


Fine art reproduction of the map, enlarged, toned and framed for hanging on wall.


Photographic glass plate and post card scans:

Glass Plate.


Rare coins photographed and digital images enlarged before fine art reproductions printed.  Prints were then framed behind glass:

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs!