Why your artwork should be professionally photographed.

Why have your artwork professionally photographed?

1.    To print color accurate and highly detailed fine art reproductions.  Having your artwork captured by Jetart guarantees that the reproductions will be color accurate and can be printed at least up to original size while maintaining detail.

2.    For copyright/legal reasons, demonstrating that you are the rightful owner of the work.  For information on using electronic file submission to US Copyright Office, please visit this website:  http://copyright.gov/  For copyright purposes, you don't need a high resolution digital image file that contains very high color accuracy information but why not use that single photographic capture of your artwork for this purpose.

3.    Archival record - Once artwork is sold and the new owner has taken possession of the piece, it's difficult to access the work again.  Even though the original artwork has sold, unless the image rights have been transferred as well, you retain those rights to the image and can use that for other purposes.

4.    Additional purposes - The same high quality image file can be saved in other file formats for use on a web site, (your web site or that of an art gallery that represents you for example) and to create post cards & note cards.

5.  All paints and inks will fade over time, especially if the artwork is not framed behind UV blocking glass.  Because of this, it's best to photograph artwork soon after it's completed in order to capture the original colors.  Additionally, it's less expensive to capture the piece before framing.  Finally, you never know when the work will be sold, gifted or no longer available.  Knowing that a capture has been done can provide peace of mind.

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